Tag: 3 Fat Truckers

  • 50 – ELDs’ Ain’t Saved Nobody

    So this week we streamed live to Facebook for our 50th episode. We're really excited to have been on for this long, and look forward to making shows well into the future. We talk a little about some of the FMCSA rule changes that have been in effect since the summer, and what we think about some of that. We've got some of Steve's "Believe it or Not." This time around we've got video to go with one of the stories. So if you're catching the audio only version, you might want to head over to the YouTube and catch the video fun. We end the show with a new segment by Steve, called "My Two Cents Worth." All of this and a whole lot more!

  • 49 – Onya Marx!

    This week we get into some news about a couple of recent crashes involving commercial vehicles, we've got the usual banter as well as some of Steve's "Believe it or Not." We talk a little about our week. We talk a little about the upcoming Mid America Trucking Show. All of this, and a whole lot more!

  • 48 – 2023 End of year, Live event!

    We streamed Episode 48 Live on Facebook. We had a great time and were joined by some excellent friends. Lots of topics; Lots of fun!

  • 47 – Stop That Lady! She’s Got Meat In Her Pants!

    Well, we got a doosey here, or maybe a snoosey. You'll have to decide. We have some of Steve's Truth or not, we get into Holiday dishes we remember from childhood, as well as some memories of the holidays in general. It's a phoned in free for all as per usual, but we have a lot of fun!

  • 46 – The Long Walk To Buc-ee’s

    We're a bit all over the place this week. We had a conversation about Buc-ee's and the long walk Bill had just to get into the store. We share some photos of a single truck accident Dave was stuck behind this last week. We get into Pre-Pass. Christmas is comming! We talk a little about childhood memories of Christmas. We even get into Thanksgiving a bit. All of this and a whole lot more!