Episode 53 Show Notes

Repair of covered bridge incident that got trucker publicly fired will take years

Published:  March 6, 2024 

ByWimberly Patton / CDLLIFE

The covered bridge destroyed by a truck driver who was publicly fired for the incident will take years to repair, the Illinois Department of Transportation says.  The truck driver caused extensive damage to the Red Covered Bridge in Princeton, Illinois in November of 2023 when she tried to drive her rig over the structure but could not fit. While the driver was not cited for the incident, the trucking company she worked for fired her, and even made a public statement that they would “make sure that companies who want to hire her will know about” the mistake.  According to KWQC 6, IDOT is currently conducting a Bridge Condition Report, which will include potential repairs needed to restore the bridge. A second report will then need to be completed to solidify the scope of the repairs and estimate costs before IDOT can come to an agreement with the State Historic Preservation Office.

“Preparation, detailed construction plans and specifications, as well as a detailed cost estimate. That phase is expected to take 12 to 18 months to complete. And that will result in advertising repair contract to bidders,” said IDOT spokesperson Paul Wappel.

It’s just such an important piece of our history,” said Princeton Tourism Director, Victoria Yepsen. “I think everyone here in Princeton is passionate that the restoration will happen. At this point, we just have to remain patient until we get more answers from IDOT to begin the process.”Wappel says that the completion of the 160 year old bridge will likely take years. The bridge was built in 1863 and is one of five covered bridges in Illinois.

I-55 Mississippi River Bridge to close for two weeks

Published:  March 6, 2024

ByAshley  / CDLLIFE

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) will shutter the I-55 Mississippi River Bridge for construction starting on Sunday.   According to TDOT, the I-55 Mississippi River Bridge connecting Memphis to Arkansas will be closed for two weeks starting over the weekend to allow for construction to the bridge deck.  Sunday, March 10, 8:00 pm through Sunday, March 24, 8:00 pm  

I-55 SB will be closed at Bridgeport Road in Arkansas  

I-55 NB will be closed at South Parkway* in Tennessee 

*Local traffic will be allowed to continue to the McLemore exit 

I-55 SB ramp will be closed

Crump Boulevard WB will be closed 

TDOT suggests I-40 as a detour route. 

I-55 Mississippi River Bridge Closing for Two Weeks (tn.gov)

Truck driver missing after lumber truck slides down hill

Published: March 7, 2024   ByWimberly Patton / CDLLIFE

Truck driver missing Thursday morning after a lumber truck slides down a hill on a West Virginia road not suitable for semi trucks.  The accident happened on Thursday morning, March 7th at around 5:30 a.m. in the 1700 block of Hurricane Road in Frame, West Virginia.  According to WSAZ 3, the lumber truck was traveling on a winding road unsuitable for commercial vehicles when it failed to negotiate a curve and slid down a hill. Police believe that the trucker may have been lost, or misguided by GPs directions.  

First responders say that they have not been able to find the truck driver, and there are concerns that he may be crushed underneath the overturned truck cab, 13 News reports.  Cleanup and removal of the wreck has proven difficult due to treacherous terrain. No further information has been released.


Well people let’s dive right  into this cesspool of things that are on my radar this week, this month, and this minute.

All the so-called experts out there that know their rights and the law when they are pulled over for a traffic stop. The police that try to do their job the right way. The public that is cooperative with these officers. 

Then we have the assbags that think it’s their duty to be overly annoying, and cause problems to be an internet sensation.

People in general that want and try to do the right thing when it comes to their fellow man or woman, but usually lose their moral compass if they have different beliefs or money is involved.

How many people lost their minds this week when Facebook and messenger went down earlier this week, Oh no it’s the Chinese, they were hacked. LMFAO!

So here we go people let’s all jump off the metaphoric cliff that is our societies go to move when it comes to the law. I can’t count the number of so-called experts out there that show up on social media in a video that they just have to record when they get pulled over or are confronted by a law enforcement officer. Whether it’s a traffic stop, trespassing, or any other confrontation.

Everyone wants to argue with the officer or not comply with what they ask, saying they know their rights. I’m gonna tell you 9 out of 10 of you friggin idiots DON’T know the law, that’s just your goto reply. SHUT UP! Imagine if you were this officer doing your job and had to listen to this BULLSHIT day in and day out from uneducated people just like yourself?

And yes there are some police that have the power trip mentality but, if you listen and are polite with them it is usually given in return. If you think you know the law you better keep a copy of the trash that comes outta your mouth with the statues listed to provide in your defense. 

Now for the officers that put up with this shit all the time and handle it in a manner that is professional to your job, you are commended for your time and service. Those of you that let yourself fall into the trap of being argumentative with these idiots, they are getting exactly what they want. So don’t fall for these people’s tactics to try and start an uprising on the side of the road.

And if I hear one more time on a video WHAT’S YOUR NAME AND BADGE NUMBER?

I hope you get Tazed! We don’t need people like you out here making life hard for the rest of us. We already have an overpopulation of idiots. Calm down and be polite and nice to everyone that’s around you. The old saying If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say it at all! A Lot of people out there need to take this to heart!

I see so many on the internet and social media platforms that are helping people, far as food, clothing and yes money. I applaud these people that try to give back to society. Though it seems like sometimes its just for views and popularity. I hope all these people out here giving back are honest with themselves about what they are trying to accomplish. Be true to yourself first and the rest will follow.

And last but not least I’m sure you all were just freaking out this week when you couldn’t update your status or post pictures of anything on your Facebook account, or use messenger to send any messages. Then all these people automatically come to a conclusion of a cyber attack or the Chinese or Russia. Very well could have been or couldn’t have. But knowing this forsure, people will start spreading the gospel about what they think happened. So if you feel the urge send us some theories of yours and for god sake make them FUNNY! 


Remember these are not the views of 3 FAT TRUCKERS

Any complaints keep them to yourself or write them down then put them in the trash.

Thanks for listening, see ya next time.