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Thousands of syringes containing “vaginal tightening gel” seized at MSP Airport

Customs officers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport seized a large shipment of unregulated injectable chemicals last week.

MINNEAPOLIS — Customs officers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport seized a large shipment of unregulated injectable chemicals last week.

The shipment from Hong Kong contained “2,536 pre-filled syringes of vaginal tightening gel,” according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and it was headed to a Woodbury residence.

CBP officials say the individually wrapped pink packages have an estimated resale value of more than $19,000.

Instructions on the packaging urge users to wear chemical-resistant gloves when coming into contact with the gel. CBP says the gel is in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.”This dangerous shipment is another example of someone using unregulated gels to prey on unknowing consumers with false promises,” said LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke, director of field operations for CBP’s Chicago field office. “Not knowing what you are inserting in your body can be deadly, and consumers believe they are getting a discount, when in fact they are purchasing an inferior product with unapproved ingredients.”

CBP says of the online pharmacies evaluated by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, just 3% are in compliance with U.S. pharmacy laws and practice standards.

This isn’t the only unusual seizure made by CBP officers this year at MSP Airport. In June, officers confiscated 83 lbs of beef from a traveler returning from South Africa. 

Last month, officers took a box of giraffe feces from a traveler returning from Kenya who was planning to turn the dung into a necklace.


Trucker torn out of cab with SWAT robot after bizarre low-speed chase

A truck driver who just plain refused to cooperate with police ended up in a low-speed but high stakes police chase that ended with a SWAT team robot, police dogs, tear gas, and “less than lethal” ammunition used to tear the driver from his cab on Wednesday in Houston, Texas.

The showdown started when Harris County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies noticed the truck “being driven at less than 10 miles per hour in a moving lane of freeway traffic,” an HSCO spokesperson told Overdrive.

At that point, deputies “initiated a traffic stop at 13965 East FW when the driver refused to stop,” but didn’t exactly speed up either. With the police following the truck, which was hauling a trailer at the time, the slow-speed chase was on. 

“The tractor-trailer continued eastbound on the main lanes and was still rolling and refused to stop for deputies,” according to the spokesperson. “Several stop sticks were deployed to stop his vehicle, finally after 3.7 miles of deputies following he stopped on the main lanes at Sheldon road.”

Video of the incident, reported by local news, shows a driver with sunglasses and an eerie sense of calm refusing all orders from police. 

The driver “refused commands to exit the cab,” according to police. Even a “less than lethal 40mm” hardened foam round was “deployed on” the driver, later identified as 42 year-old Trinidad Cutshall “with no response.” 

“SWAT was called to assist in exiting him from the cab. By now both lanes of Interstate 10 east and west were completely shut down for driver safety,” the police spokesperson said. Using a robot, the “SWAT team members were able to remove the cab passenger door and deploy tear gas into the cab and remove him safely.”

Cutshall was then charged with felony evading arrest and detention in a motor vehicle. He is currently recovering in a local hospital “from being under the influence of an unknown substance,” as well as “some facial lacerations,” police said. 

The tear gassing and 40mm round shot probably didn’t help his state of health either. 

Two videos below from local news station KHOU-11 show the conclusion to the bizarre standoff.https://twitter.com/i/status/1740130932235915679


                 The new FMCSA rules in 2023 

                        What to know  May 18 2023

                                       By Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel Inc.

FMCSA Rule Changes 2023

New FMCSA Updates in 2023 aim to improve road safety and reduce accidents but may also result in increased costs and changes in operations for fleet owners. Adjustments to scheduling, logistics, and compliance measures may be necessary to ensure adherence to the new FMCSA rules. Staying informed and proactively adapting to these changes will be crucial for fleet owners to maintain compliance and efficient operations in the ever-evolving landscape of the trucking industry.  

Prepare to carefully navigate to successfully adapt safe and compliant operations. Here are some of the FMCSA rule changes: 

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems identify when a truck is in risk of colliding with the vehicle in front of it and automatically brake if necessary. DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 20 automakers were committed to making AEB a standard on their future vehicles.  

For vehicle safety, dynamic brake support and crash-imminent braking will require truckers to also ensure they’re up with DOT tire regulations to cause less severe crashes and save lives.  

Publications will be released by the FMCSA to further update the public, expected near Summer 2023. 

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

The FMCSA clearinghouse will become the sole query source for employers to meet the requirement to identify prospective drivers with drug and alcohol offences on January 6, 2023

Before, carriers were required to seek past employment for drug testing history and search the Clearinghouse database. 

While this saved time, employers must still contact other DQ file required history. DOT Regulation 49 CFR Part 391.23 specifies what DOT expects on an employment verification report. 

The DOT generally requires employers to verify an applicant’s safety performance history with their previous employers for at least the last three years, including commercial driving history, within 30 days. 

Safety Fitness Determination Plans

The present three-tier federal rating system of “Satisfactory, Conditional, and Unsatisfactory” will be replaced by a proposed Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) rule from 2016. 

The rule will apply to any federally regulated commercial motor carrier that received a single “unfit” determination, requiring the carrier to either improve operations or shut down. 

FMCSA intends to collect data on how it can more effectively identify “unfit” trucking companies and remove them from conducting hauls. 

They will do so by soliciting public feedback on the use of existing safety data, including inspection data, in establishing carrier fitness to operate, as well as potential adjustments to the current three-tier safety fitness rating structure. 

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)  

FMCSA rules require most new commercial trucks to have ELDs. ELDs are designed to improve safety by ensuring that truck drivers are not driving while fatigued. The FMCSA rule changes also impact fleet owners by requiring them to provide ELDs to their drivers and to keep records of their drivers’ hours of service.  

Compliance with these rules is essential to avoid penalties and maintain regulatory compliance. Overall, the implementation of ELDs as per the new FMCSA rules brings modernization and standardization to the industry, benefiting both drivers and fleet owners. However, it may also require initial investment in ELDs and training for drivers and staff to ensure smooth adoption of changes. For more details, visit the ELD Fact Sheet on the FMCSA site. 


Well it’s a New Year, everyone making changes in their lives for the better I hope. We always eventually fall back into our normal routine. Some sooner than others, Bravo to you dedicated go getters out there. I applaud you and keep it up. There’s been talk shows and personalities in the past that always had a good follow up on the stories they tell or the news they report, for instance ole Mickey Roonie always said did you ever wander or did you ever think? We can’t forget about Paul Harvey with The Rest of the Story.

Well for the start of a New Year we have a lot going on people! Whether it is politics, our southern borders, the NFL playoffs, which streaming service is screwing the pooch. If it’s ok for straight people to buy Bud Lite again. If the Carnivore diet really works, how Tic Tok molds and shapes our young people into brainless idiots when any new challenge comes along. And last but not least, How Many Licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Well let’s dive right in, no matter which side of the aisle you stand on this year the mud slinging and name calling is in full swing as usual. It just blows my mind that people we put in office can’t seem to get the job done. That just tells me they all need replaced and lets start over, if it was only that simple. With social media or in this case our podcast, everyone voices what they think should happen and we all have different thoughts and opinions. I just hope it gets figured out for our country’s sake.

Far as our southern borders, all this convoy stuff all over social media and the pictures are from a old demonstration and farmers in France right now protesting. These idiots want views and will Hype something up to do so. The illegals trying to come in need to be addressed but the current administration is dropping the ball, so we the people are standing our ground in some of the areas as seen on the news.

The NFL playoffs and upcoming Super Bowl always needs something to draw people in, well looks like they got it with Taylor Swift and the Kelces. Make mom proud boys!

So let’s talk quick about the streaming services that offer the shows we love. Peacock screwed the pooch on football playoff game, charging for a normal free game. Amazon charging a membership fee and giving you prime video for free, but then charges you to watch movies that are 20 years old since a remake or sequel came out. SEE YA!

And can anyone tell me is it okay now for straight people to buy Bud Lite now? I don’t drink beer but wanted to find out for the rest of the country, so we can help the billion dollar beer company recoup some losses. LOL

Now we’re to the Carnivore diet, sounds good at first, and there’s a couple variations of it depending what you’re willing to cut out. One no plant proteins, so no coffee, tea, pop.(THAT WOULD SUCK!) Another is having those but less results. Check with your Doctor.

Tic Tocs are getting outta hand, all the rage now is throwing slushies at your truck windshield for some reason, not sure why? There’s always more crazy shit out there each week. Just be careful kiddos.

And last but not least we have the Tootsie Pop, the old questions to be pondered: How many licks does it take to get to the center? Well I’ll have you know I’ve does many many years of research on this matter and its  3.14159265 rounded up.





May 18th, 2023

May 18th, 2023