Episode 57 Show Notes


Coming up with new material, what do we want to put out there, what keeps your interest, what crazy shit do we think is funny?

Trying not to copy any other shows shtick, or personna becomes hard to do sometimes. There’s always ways to tweek or change things to make them your own. So we’re gonna try some new ideas I’ve thought of and hope you find funny. If not its gonna be a long ride!

I would like to introduce a new character to our audience. I know you all have known a driver or person in the industry that has this old mindset and personality. No filter, something to say about everything, and doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings. So I would like y’all to meet OTIS! 

Video shows driver clinging to cab as semi sinks into floodwaters


May 3, 2024    ByAshley

Alarming video out of Texas shows a driver clinging to the cab of his truck as the vehicle is overwhelmed by rising floodwaters.  The video was captured by TikTok user Athina Economon on May 2, 2024, on I-69 in Shepherd, Texas, amid severe flooding.

In the video, you can see a truck driver in a reflective safety vest standing on the hood of his semi as rushing floodwaters cause the truck to jackknife. Several vehicles pass the truck as floodwaters push the truck towards a wooded area.  Houston news outlet Fox 26 reports that the driver of the truck in the video is okay. Take a look at the video below. https://www.tiktok.com/@athinaeconomon/video/7364446533024075050?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc