Episode 51 Show Notes


Travis Eggerichs Sr.
President at Global Energy Research & Development Inc.
Edgewater, Florida, United States


Global Energy Research & Development Inc.

Jun 1989 – Present 34 years 9 months

Business Description
Global Energy Research & Development is located in Osteen, Florida. This organization primarily operates in the Testing Laboratories business / industry within the Engineering, Accounting, Research, and Management Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 18 years. Global Energy Research & Development is estimated to generate $725,000 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 3 people at this single location. This is a veteran owned and operated business.


Well people we still have a lot going on as usual. Celebrities passing away, and everyone seems to know what they want now even though they’re gone.

There’s numerous money making easy internet jobs that are too good to be true.

The government is changing laws thinking they are helping our people and our country.

No one wants to work anymore, if they do. They do it so half assed, and shouldn’t.

And who’s the cool word patrol that puts out words that have a made up meaning and sound so ignorant that it makes them sound just stupid?

And finally we discuss who takes a knee better?

And away we go, first off we had a country music icon pass away this week that I’m sure everyone has heard about. But if you were in a cave this week or no news or social network. We lost Mr. Toby Keith to stomach cancer. He had been battling for a couple years. He had numerous songs and hits and was a fighter and believer in this country. He will be truly missed. Now that being said, I cant believe all the bullshit on social media that people can’t just let the man rest in peace but no, there’s all this shit on here about who he wouldn’t want at his funeral and trying to sling mud at other country stars. This shit needs to stop and all you idiots need to grow up and take care of your life while you’re still here. Wasted energy people!

Well how many of you would like to be rich and not work real hard and you can do this in just a couple hours a day or more a week? That’s the phrase for all these ads on tik tok, youtube,instagram, and any other place you watch shorts or videos. They get you to tap on a link or another video to tell you how you can get rich if you only follow their method. There’s videos of people out there saying they did all the investigating for you and talk you into the same bullshit. It would be nice people but the way they make money is getting you to view their content. So just beware everyone.

Now we have the Government, always changing laws to benefit them and not us. This is a subject that is endless but I will just touch a little bit of it. My concerns are for our hard working truck drivers out there. They change our tax laws, what we can deduct or not. Change safety regulations that were bad enough to start with. The 50 states that we operate in are ALL different when it comes to rules and regulations even though we are governed and monitored Federally by the Government. Speed limits, weights,permits, size and dimensions, and that’s just a couple off the top of my head. They need to leave things alone and go back to some of the old rules we had, period

Does anyone wanna work any more? It seems to me people don’t want to work at all because there’s too many free handouts! The people that do work and yes its a certain age group. Do come to work, NOT on time, do a half assed job. Don’t care if they get fired. Just go somewhere else and start another one till it happens again! What kind of work ethic was taught to these kids? Obviously none!

This one here gets under my skin a little. Can anyone tell me who’s ahead of the WORD PATROL? These new so called cool or edgy words start to show up in the news headlines, magazines, posts on social media and it makes me laugh that people think their Hip or in the Now! The one that I’m seeing a lot of is [ WOKE ] give it a rest idiots, you’re not cool or whatever term you want to use!

AND FINALLY, My question to you is controversial, are you ready?





THAT MY TWO CENTS, have a Great Week!