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A Tennessee man whose name has not yet been released died last friday August 4th at the Tennessee Elephant and Wildlife Rescue in Hohenwald Tennessee. We were told the man was mucking or cleaning the elephant’s enclosure and did not follow the safety protocol, which is always have 2 or more keepers present at all times. Daisy a 4 ton African elephant, was in her pen while the man was cleaning the pachyderm’s quarters. He was around her backside when she decided to squat down and she pretty much sat on him and he became inserted into her rectum without any choice, from which she didn’t seem to mind. Seeing how she didn’t stand up after the incident. The man was found a couple hours later but,{no pun intended} it was to late the man had passed. We will have more information as it becomes available.


A major pork producer from Iowa Falls Iowa was in San Antonio Texas for one of the biggest swine shows in the country. Gary Holden had been  to this show before but had never done so good as Grand Champion. What that means for a producer is they can sell the Champion semen for high dollars now with this title under their belt. This means one boar could bring a million plus a year easily. The only problem this year at the show was when they were loading out and getting ready to leave, their Champion boar decided to get loose and ran out onto the access road next to the event center. Where he was hit by a car and received numerous injuries. He was rushed to a vet where he was immediately taken care of. He should make a full recovery to pump out semen to pay his $503,689.92 dollar medical bill. The breakdown of the bill has a bunch of large factors that contributed to the large sum.

CDL Life 

Truck driver Tim Dean has achieved 5 million accident-free miles, Werner said in an August 10 announcement. He becomes only the second driver in Werner history to achieve the 5 million mile milestone, after retired driver Charley Endorf.

Tim Dean, who has driven 5 million miles


Werner Enterprises honors Tim Dean, who has driven 5 million miles

“Today, we have the pleasure of showcasing what greatness looks like in the daily work of the American professional driver.

The Nation

By The Trucker News Staff – August 11, 2023

Rig hauling piglets breaks down in sweltering Kansas heat; firefighters save their bacon

Firefighters pose with one of the piglets they helped save when the truck they were being hauled in broke down on Aug. 10, 2023. (Courtesy: Overland Park Fire Department)

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Kansas firefighters helped save the lives of hundreds of piglets after the tractor-trailer they were being hauled in broke down in sweltering heat.Overland Park, Kansas, firefighters were called on Aug. 10 to U.S. Highway 69 after being told that the animals wouldn’t survive without ventilation or water. And with the truck being stalled, there was no way adequate air could be circulated throughout the trailer.

Firefighters immediately began hosing down the trailer, allowing the piglets to stay cool until the truck could be fixed.

According to firefighters, the driver exclaimed from the scene, “You saved 1,368 lives today!”

An Overland Park firefighter hoses down a trailer filled with piglets after the trucking hauling it broke down in sweltering heat. (Courtesy: Overland Park Fire Department)


By Wimberly Patton

August 11, 2023

WATCH: 1st day of school semi truck drop off makes for the happiest kid ever

You’ve never seen a happier kid than this boy being driven to school in a semi truck. The incredibly wholesome moment was captured on a driver-facing camera that recorded the entire school-drop off experience. 

In the video, the little boy and his trucking mama pull into the school drop off line, where the sheriff has to move a traffic cone to let them through. As the two wait in line, the boy’s excited comments have his mom beaming. 

“I wish I could do this a thousand times,” he says.

When the two finally pull up, a teacher opening the door only adds to the excitement when she says “we were just discussing who gets to come to school on a semi truck!”