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  • Episode 42 – Kidney Stones the Size of Gourds

    This week we get into a somewhat dated story about the fuel prices during this past summer, we announce our participation at the 2024 Mid America Trucking show. We've got some of Steve's "believe it or not" and a whole lot more!

  • Episode 34

    This week we're joined by D.W. "The Barkin' Trucker" from YouTube fame. We get into the usual banter. We talk a little about the new Peterbuilt 589. We touch on a story about a trucker slow down on I465 around Indianapolis protesting some injustices in the industry; and a whole lot more!

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  • Episode 32

    This week we announce we are going to be at the 2023 Crossroads of America Trucking Show July 21-22 2023. We also talk a little about a recent accident in Tennessee; and a whole lot more!

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  • Episode 31

    This week we go over our experiences at the 2023 Mid America Trucking Show. We had a great time at the show. Did a lot of interviews, and had a lot of fun. We shout out to all the wonderful people we came into contact with.

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  • Mid America Trucking Show – 3rd and final day

    We're here for the 3rd and final day of the Mid America Trucking Show. This is just a little "Good Morning" video.

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