Tag: Trucking

  • 46 – The Long Walk To Buc-ee’s

    We're a bit all over the place this week. We had a conversation about Buc-ee's and the long walk Bill had just to get into the store. We share some photos of a single truck accident Dave was stuck behind this last week. We get into Pre-Pass. Christmas is comming! We talk a little about childhood memories of Christmas. We even get into Thanksgiving a bit. All of this and a whole lot more!

  • 45 – Night Swyft

    This is the episode we live-streamed to Facebook. After some tiring technical challenges, I think we got it down. We had a good time and some great people joined us.

  • 44 – Bathtubs Full Of Pee

    This week we're joined by Dale Miracle, a fellow driver and podcaster. We get into some news about a tech startup company in the trucking business, a more stripped down version of Steve's "Believe it or Not." We do some of our usual nonsense, and a whole lot more!

  • 43 – Biden Went Down To Georgia

    This week we get into a story in the news about Georgia extending a "tax holiday" for fuel prices, including diesel. We also play a song Dave found by Andy Pursell named "Last Load To Heaven." We've got some of Steves believe it or not, some recipe's and a whole lot more!

  • Call To Arms! Let’s help out our fellow man!

    This is a quick video Bill and Dave made to get the word out there about a driver in need. Friend of the show - Chunky Monkey has a friend who was recently in a terrible car accident and could use a bit of help. Below is a link to the "Go Fund Me" page where they have a goal of $3000 set, of which they've brought in a little over $2100. God knows how long this driver will be out of work, so lets see if we can blast that goal out of the water!

    Thanks Everyone!!!

    Click Here For Jon's Go Fund Me Page