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  • 54 – 2024 Mid America Trucking Show

    This is our official 2024 Mid America Trucking Show Episode from the Expo Center in Louisville, Kentucky on March 21 - 23, 2024. We came in a little early one morning to talk a little about the experience we were having at the show. Also - this will be the first episode with the new "portrait" style video, and new theme music on the audio only feed! Let us know what you think!

  • 53 – Biscuit World Road Trip

    Trying to hold back the excitement leading up to the 2024 Mid-America Trucking Show - Bill, Dave and Steve get into a couple of news articles about some bone-headed mishaps. Google Maps does it again! We've got the usual banter, Steve's two cents worth and a whole lot more!

  • 52 – One From The Quiver

    This was a pre-recorded episode we made a couple of weeks ago, so I'll be darned if I remember what we talked about. We had a lot of fun, none the less! Thanks for listening, folks!

  • 51 – Interview with Travis, Thomas, and Taylor Eggrichs

    This week we're joined by Travis Eggrich, and his two boys; Travis and Thomas from Global Energy Research & Development Inc. We have a fascinating conversation about fuel, technology, and trends in the industry with regards to energy consumption. We've also got Steve's new bit at the end called "My 2 Cents Worth." We had a lot of fun with this one, folks. We really hope you like it!

  • 50 – ELDs’ Ain’t Saved Nobody

    So this week we streamed live to Facebook for our 50th episode. We're really excited to have been on for this long, and look forward to making shows well into the future. We talk a little about some of the FMCSA rule changes that have been in effect since the summer, and what we think about some of that. We've got some of Steve's "Believe it or Not." This time around we've got video to go with one of the stories. So if you're catching the audio only version, you might want to head over to the YouTube and catch the video fun. We end the show with a new segment by Steve, called "My Two Cents Worth." All of this and a whole lot more!