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1- Christmas presents you got when you were a kid, good or bad.

2- Favorite things to eat during the holidays.

3- Relatives at the holidays with good stories. (SHITTERS FULL CLARK)

4- Holiday decorating gone wrong? (FIRE)

5- Do you enjoy the Holiday Season?(BAH HUMBUG!

WATCH: Trucker passes scale in moment every driver hopes for Published: November 17, 2023 ByWimberly Patto

      Trucker passes scale in this video showing the exact moment every truck driver has hoped for more than once. 

In the clip, the filming driver is through Findlay, Ohio when he approaches the sign notifying him that the scale is open. As he approaches the sign, it suddenly changes to ‘closed.’ 

WATCH: Trucker passes scale in moment every driver hopes for (cdllife.com)

“Hard to see but the scale changed to closed when I was literally 100 ft from the sign. I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket…” the driver wrote in the caption. “Scalehouse luck.”

Truckstop – Load Board and Freight Managemen

Top 13 Websites for Truckers      by       Truckstop.com 11/16/23 


Top 13 websites for truckers

More and more, we live on our devices and turn to the internet for information. Whether from news sites or social media, you’re more likely getting that information digitally through a website rather than a newspaper. So we’ve created this list of the 13 best trucking websites for drivers, owner-operators, and freight agents.  We’ve broken them into categories to help you navigate to the topics that will be most helpful for your business. Whether you’re looking for load jobs, the latest industry trends and regulations, or ideas on boosting profits, these trucking sites have the information you need. 

Best trucking website for finding loads: Truckstop.com

Truckstop.com load board

The Truckstop.com Load Board helps truckers and owner-operators quickly source new loads from the best brokers out there, reducing deadhead miles and keeping your truck moving.

This is not only a site with one of the best load boards out there, but it’s also the go-to place for services that can help make your trucking business as profitable as possible, like Rate Insights and Fuel Desk. If you want to keep deadhead miles to a minimum and make sure all of your time on the road is money-making time, this is one trucking website you will refer back to over and over.


Best trucking website for industry news and trends: Transport Topics

Transport topics

From diversification to the self-driving debate to new lanes and construction projects, Transport Topics has you covered. Brief, easy-to-read articles means you won’t waste a lot of time on fluff. A gem among truck driver websites, Transport Topics is a must-bookmark trucking website.   For brokers and owner-operators, The American Trucking Association’s annual Management Conference and Exhibition is always an informative event, and Transport Topics brings you all of the highlights.

American Trucker

American Trucker  While other websites focus more widely on the industry as a whole, American Trucker focuses on you, the driver. From truck parking concerns to compensation, safety, and transport regulations, you’ll be able to keep up with what everyone in the industry is talking about.

For example, they’ve covered the unusual “V” shaped recovery the trucking industry has experienced, and the impact e-commerce is having on trucking volume and driver profit. Subscribe to their email list for new issue and article alerts. 

 American Trucking Associations

America depends on the trucking and logistics industry, and no one is a better advocate or source of information than the American Trucking Associations website. When it comes to truck driving websites that report in-depth  regulations, changes, and how truckers can work together, this one is one of the best out there.

You can support their site by subscribing to American Trucking Associations for updates on the latest industry studies. They even have an annual conference that offers great networking and learning opportunities.

 Truckers News

Trucker News     If you’re a company driver, this trucking site is for you. With reports on company news, equipment upgrades, and benefit changes, this site is a must if you drive for someone else. Truckers News talks about everything from lifestyle and health to the regulations and company changes that will most impact you and your job every day. Find out about new hours of service rules, how truckers can vote and participate in their communities, and even the political process while on the road.


OverdriveIf Truckers News is the best for company drivers, Overdrive is the equivalent for owner-operators. They cover all of the primary industry news, from the “V”-shaped shipping recovery to the impact of COVID-19. But Overdrive goes above and beyond, reporting in-depth on things like the adoption of AB-5, what it means to California owner-operators, and what you can do to protect yourself in this lucrative but highly regulated lane. If you’re an owner-operator, Overdrive should be a regular go-to resource.

 Fleet Owner

Geared toward fleet owners, this trucker website gives you information about the demand for electric trucks and how to keep them charged and moving, dealing with employee shortages, and more.

If you manage a fleet of vehicles and drivers, Fleet Owner should be one of your top go-to sources for industry news, the trucking lifestyle, and business advice.

 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration    Learn from the agency that makes all the rules on this informative site for truckers. Head to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration first to keep up with regulations, get registration and safety information, and get news about rule changes and how they affect you. You’ll keep yourself on the right road as a result. Visit the website here.

 Truckers Report

Truckers Report

The open road can get lonely, and you need a place to connect with people in your industry, whether to keep in touch or even find a new job. That’s where Truckers Report comes in.

There are job listings, active forums filled with common trucking topics, and a network of other professionals like you. New drivers are encouraged to join the community to help them get started on the right foot. But no matter how long you’ve been in trucking, you’ll find helpful information and friendly people on the Truckers Report.

 Women In Trucking

Women In Trucking

Women In Trucking is a non-profit dedicated to women in a profession long dominated by men. They offer employment assistance and encourage employment, diversity, and help women address obstacles they might encounter in their career journey.

Women In Trucking is also a place for encouragement. The organization celebrates success and shares those stories to encourage other women in the trucking industry or aspiring to be a part of it. If you want to be involved in this supportive community, join now.

 Roadmaster Drivers School

Roadmaster Drivers School  When it comes to education and training, there aren’t many comparable truckers websites out there. Roadmaster has all the information you need to get started as a truck driver or continue your education. There are Roadmaster Driving Schools in several locations around the country.

This is a great site for anyone new to the trucking industry or who wants to become a driver, from salary information to benefits to financial assistance and job data. Check out everything they have to offer.



EveryTruckJob.com covers everything from local trucking job lists to customizable searches for specific carriers, regional routes, or long hauls. The ETJ search interface will help you narrow down the list to the best jobs for you and your situation. Whether you are new or experienced, ETJ is one of the top truck driver websites for narrowing down a search and finding specialized jobs that may not be listed anywhere else.