Episode 43 Show Notes


The cowboy who dined and dashed

Calgary restaurant workers launched an online manhunt in June to find a serial dine-and-dasher. The culprit was hardly subtle: he frequently sported a robust mustache and a black cowboy hat. Using the alias Michael McDonald, Michael Gene Roderick Huppie would allegedly chat up the staff, give them roses and tell elaborate stories to earn their sympathy before running off. His charm, and his luck, ran out after victims posted his photo online. On June 28, a customer spotted the lonesome cowboy at a restaurant and tipped off the staff, who contacted the police. Huppie was charged with one count of ‘fraudulently obtaining food’, though many more restaurant workers chimed in on Twitter to accuse him of skipping out on bills at their establishments. Huppie was apprehended in full yee-haw regalia right at his table, his bill yet to be paid.

The trick-or-treat ban

If you’re over the age of 12 and head out door-knocking on Halloween in Chesapeake, Virginia, you could be in for more of a trick than a treat. Since 1970, the town has had a law that penalizes teenaged trick-or-treaters. Offenders could receive a fine of between $25 and $100 – or even face jail time. Residents needn’t get too spooked: no one has ever been arrested under this law, which aims to deter teens from crime on Halloween. Still, after a viral parody video earned the policy bad press, the town said in March that it will revise the rule. Meanwhile, the true Halloween crimin­als continue to go free: the people who hand out raisins as candy.


1 pound burger

1 pound ground sausage

1 whole onion chopped

2 15oz cans mild chili beans

1 15oz can black beans

2 10oz cans Rotel with green chilies

1 64oz can tomatoe juice

2 pkg chili seasoning [your choice]

2 15oz cans tomato sauce

Fry burger and sausage, drain grease. Add  chopped onion and chili seasoning  with both cans of tomato sauce. Heat thoroughly, add to a large pot or a slow cooker. Add remaining ingredients, bring to a boil then turn down to a simmer. Add tomato juice last to see how much will fit in your pot. 

I use corn chips, sharp shredded cheddar cheese, and a little sour cream to garnish. Oh we cant forget a little Franks Hot Sauce. 

Enjoy! Garnish with whatever your heart desires.

 Dave’s Chili!!!!


A few pantry items, some vegetables, ground beef, and a few strips of bacon are all you need to pull together this amazing chili recipe.

Chorizo and Ground beef: You can buy ground beef anywhere between 80% and 90% lean

Bacon: Bacon adds a wonderful smoky flavor to the chili. I’d consider it the secret (or not so secret) ingredient!

Beef broth: I recommend purchasing a high-quality beef broth for the best flavor.

Dried spices: Besides the usual suspects of chili powder and cumin, I add smoked paprika for a touch of campfire flavor.

Tomatoes: Almost any variety of canned tomatoes in their juices will work here. But I love canned fire-roasted tomatoes for extra flavor!

Beans: I’m using a combination of black beans and red kidney beans which are classics in chili, but you can use any beans you like.

Georgia to extend diesel tax holiday for another month

Published: October 6, 2023


On Friday, officials in Georgia announced that fuel taxes will be suspended for an additional month due to continued consumer pain caused by rising inflation.Governor Brian P. Kemp signed a new Executive Order on October 6 to extend a previous fuel tax break due to “ongoing high inflation and uncertain economic conditions caused by the irresponsible policies coming out of Washington, D.C.”The order will save trucker 35 cents per gallon of diesel fuel. Georgians will also save 31.2 cents on each gallon of gas while the order is in place.The order is effective through 11:59 p.m. on November 11, 2023.This is an extension of an Executive Order issued on September 12 that was set to expire on October 12.“We’re taking action at the state level to deliver relief to hardworking Georgians fighting through Bidenflation, soaring interest rates, and sky-high prices due to Bidenomics,” said Governor Brian Kemp. “Our state’s average gas price is now roughly 40 cents less than it was last month. With  partners in the General Assembly, we’ll keep working to put money back in the pockets of Georgia families.”

New song ‘Last Load To Heaven’ pays tribute to fallen truckers

Published: October 6, 2023


This week, country artist Andy Pursell released a new track called “Last Load to Heaven” celebrating the truck drivers who give their all to life on the road.

The song was released by Pursell this week to commemorate Trucker Appreciation Day on October 4. Pursell uses the song to celebrate the lives of fallen truckers in a way feels triumphant, not sad.

Check out some lyrics below:

You can listen to “Last Load to Heaven” below.

Last Load To Heaven – YouTube