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Mid American Truck Show

   March. 30.31. April 1.

       3 Fat Truckers

        Booth #60057

Teenager dies crashing into side of rig during pass attempt 

By Wimberly Patton -February 24, 2023

A teenager is dead after crashing into the side of a semi truck while attempting to pass another car. The accident happened just before 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 23rd in Auburn, Washington. 

According to KATU2, two vehicles were heading north on West Valley Highway when the teenage motorist tried to pass the motorist. As he was attempting to pass, a semi truck was pulling out of a driveway on the east side of the road and turned left into the path of the teenage motorist.

The motorist then crashed into the side of the semi truck, sending the car beneath the trailer. The teenager died at the scene. 

The road between 15th Street Northwest and 37th was closed for over an hour. The investigation is ongoing.

Dave: I think the inconvenience of other drivers affects truckers in bad ways!  I feel sorry for the other driver but !!

One tractor-trailer drives onto the trailer of another in California

Truckers News Staff (TN)

Feb 10, 2022

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A collision between two tractor-trailers closed part of Interstate 5 north of Santa Clara, California Wednesday, Feb. 9.

The crash occurred on the northbound side of the highway at about 11 a.m.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed that one tractor-trailer drove partway up the empty flatbed trailer of another tractor-trailer on the highway ahead of it. No injuries were reported. The CHP did not say what prompted the collision.


The vacations you took as a kid with your parents versus now with your own kids and or family.

Were they fun, dumb, exciting, memorable, good stories, scary. Did you actually have time to take a vacation or were you busy working 24/7/365? 

Any  that left you in awe? Something you won’t ever forget? A vacation that left you with a life lesson?

Sometimes it’s just the drive that takes you there, being in the car or truck for hours on end traveling with your family, the bathroom breaks every 20 miles, she’s touching me every 10 seconds. AND we can’t forget the road games we all played like, the license plate game, alphabet game and everyone’s favorite. What’s that smell? Or you might know it as WHO FARTED? Hoping you had control of the window locks!

Any one of these is sure to be a on point topic to discuss. But a lot of you drivers out there know when a SUV or 4 door truck passes you with a load of people or a camper or boat behind it that’s what’s happening right beside you going down the road .A family making memories and hopefully doing it in a safe manner out there. We all know there’s the ones that don’t pay enough attention , so we have to go above and beyond our normal duties to make sure we ourselves and those out on the road creating those fun memories with their families make it back home safe to tell their tales of fun and adventure to their friends and family.

So let’s keep a mindful eye for the ones wandering out of their lane, going slow on the interstate, cutting you off, not merging correctly, and plain just not paying attention. We have all been there going down the road yelling at kids in the back seat, having the navigator aka wife not paying attention. There’s many distractions out there we all know. Please be a friend to those not so blessed to handle these while driving. So we all make it home safe.

Stay safe out there everyone, safe travels and lets make many many stories to share and pass down to future generations. God Bless!