• Episode 40 – Oliver Anthony & Pumpkin Sized Hemorrhoids

    This week we get into a couple of Oliver Anthony Videos which spark a conversation about the state of the working class. We've got some of Steve's true or not, and a whole lot more!

    We end this episode with a special treat - A song by a great guy named Rick Moore. Go check out his YouTube channel. His song, "Wild One" is this week's closing song

  • Episode 39 – 5 Million Miles & Elephant Rectums

    This week we blaze back on the scene after a short break to bring you a couple of happy news stories, and the return of Steve's Believe it or Not. We had a great time on this episode!

  • We’re taking a break this week.

    Just a quick soundbite letting everyone know we're taking a break this week. In the mean time, go to our Youtube and check out some of the video interviews we did at the 2023 Expedite Expo at the Fort Wayne War Memorial Coliseum. We'll see ya'll in a couple of weeks!

  • 2023 Expedite Expo

    We had a great time at the 2023 Expedite Expo. These are the interviews we did while at the show!

  • Episode 38

    This week it's all about the upcoming Crossroads of America Trucking Show. We get into a couple news stories about some less than ideal things happening in the trucking world. We've got some county fair season fun, and a whole lot more!